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Remembering our classmates who have passed on.

Gary Ales - 1940-2003
Chet Bernat - 1939-2006
Terry Birdsall - 1939-1999
John Brasure - 1940-1990
Joanne Chapman
Lois Christian Lois (Christian) Fraser - 1940- August 29, 2014
Lois was a member of our reunion committee for several years and we will deeply miss her.
John Frazier - 1940-1975
Henry Galle - 1940-2003
Sherry Harmon - 1940-2005
Terry Herrington - 1940-1968
Norma Larsen
Don Miller -
He was postmaster of Pacific Palisades when he died of a heart attack.
He was an outstanding humanitarian who worked hard for Rotary Clubs
throughout Southern California. He was also a wonderful person, filling
in as a father figure to his younger siblings when his father died. He
sacrificed much to take care of many.

.....Carroll Johnson


 1939-2013 Dennis Allen Parker, 73, of La Palma, CA died July 23rd, 2013 at home due to complications from pneumonia. He was born in Gary, Indiana, on September 28th 1939 to Margaret Mary Wendt and Allen Mryl Parker. He is survived by his wife Judithe Parker and their three children, Mark E. Parker, (Sharon Parker), Kathleen A. San Juan, (Jon San Juan), Kevin N. Parker, (Loree Parker), as well as, their 7 grandchildren, Brittany Parker-19, Heather Parker - 13, Ashley, San Juan-12, Joshua Parker-12, Amanda Parker -11, Kailey San Juan-10 and Holly Parker-10 and his two brothers; Phillip Scott Parker and Tom Joel Parker in Indiana. He will be forever remembered by the legacy of his Christ-like love that he gave to his family and friends.


Albert Arnold Phenicie, Jr. grew up in Hawthorne, CA and graduated in 1958 from Leuzinger High School in Hawthorne, CA.
He died on March 30, 2002 in Las Vegas, NV at the age of 61.
While working for Goodhew Ambulance Company, Al attended El Camino College in Torrance, CA. In addition, he worked as a reserve officer for the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department before entering the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy. Phenicie graduated from the academy on January 22, 1973.
For 26 years, Al served as a Deputy Sheriff. During his tenure, he attained the rank of Sergeant in June of 1990, and Detective Sergeant in February of 1991. While working with the Sheriff’s Department, Phenicie served as a Bailiff and worked at Lomita, the Central Jail, Fugitive, and finally Marina Del Rey. Detective Sergeant Phenicie retired in 1999.
Al married former Dolores Wilson of Torrance, CA. They met in 1979 and were married on July 16, 1983. They lived in Huntington Beach, CA for 15 years and briefly in Torrance for 3 years prior to retiring in Boulder City, NV.
Fondly known to many as “Big Al”, Al was also known as “Paca” by his two grandchildren,
Preceding him in death were his father, mother, and brother, Robert A. Phenicie. Al is survived by his wife. Dee, daughter, Lori Yucknat of Fountain Valley, CA, son, Robert A. Phenicie of Missoula, MT along with their spouses, Robert and Jennifer. “Paca” is the proud grandfather of Meghen R. Phenicie and Jaret O. Yucknat. Also, step-daughter, Tamara H. Ottosen and step-son, Todd W. Ottosen.


When we were buddies in high school Al was like an older brother to me and I use to love to tease him. His nick name was Sandy, but he hated the name. I'd always manage to call him that as he was driving us someplace thinking he'd forget about it by the time we got to where ever we were going...he never did, and would get back at me by punching me pretty hard on the arm when I was least expecting it. I'd always have a bruise on my arm. But that was okay, it was like a love tap from an older brother...you know? I don't know the name of what Al died of, but his intestines kept rupturing. He was only in the hospital for a short time before he passed on. I think the first thing I'm going to do when I get to Heaven is ask ol' St. Peter to let me talk to "Sandy" because I know it won't be long before Al, the big lug, come up to pop me on the arm and then I'll know everything is cool once again.
...David Neuschafer '59
David Pivovaroff - 1940-1992
Helen Price




Larry Kent Rampley, 67, Clarksville, TN, died Sunday, October 4, 2008, at Residence. Graveside services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Oak Rest Cemetery.



It's with a heavy heart that I bring the news of the passing of my good, lifelong friend Larry Rampley. I got the word from Karen just a few minutes ago. I just talked to Larry on the phone a few days ago and he said he wasn't feeling well. Karen talked to him right after that. Larry and I had a great time at the BBQ last year, 2007, playing music for all of our Olympian friends and it was through this web site, "MSN Leuzinger For All Classes,  that our friendship was renewed. I'm very thankful that we were able to get together for a few wonderful weeks and get to know each other again before he went home. I'm going to miss my friend.
....John Wells '58

Jim Reagan - 1940-2004

Carol Simmons  1940-1987

Carol was married to Steve Odell.  They had 3 children, Lori, Mike and Charlene.  They lived in Huntington Beach, CA after moving from Torrance.  Carol was a very caring and giving person.  We miss her still.  One memory from high school that stands out is one Christmas she knitted huge Christmas stockings for about eight of her friends and filled them to the brim with surprises for us all.  We still have those and hang them up every year.  She was a talented seamstress, decorator and cook.  She worked as a bookkeeper and tax preparer.  She was always there when you needed a friend.  Katy (Luzinski), Judy (Peel), and I recently visited Carol's mom to help celebrate her 90th birthday.  Carol passed away on Mothers Day in 1987.
...Conni (Huntley) Brucker '58


Ward, David E. Dave passed away February 28, 2007 at Torrance Memorial Hospital. He was born August 31, 1940 in Muskogee, OK. His family moved to California in 1952. He graduated from Leuzinger High School in 1958. Dave was gifted with an astounding memory and had a life-long passion for sprint car and midget auto racing. He assisted in the construction of LA Speedway in 1957, which later became the famed Ascot Park Speedway, known worldwide until it closed in 1990. His many friends in the racing community were delighted to listen to his tales of racing lore from his long history of attending and participating in the sport. Dave is survived by his wife of 46 years, Lois of Gardena; brother, Jack of Long Beach; an uncle and aunt, Orville and Vivian Smith of Tulsa, OK; brothers-in-law, Troy Pearson, Washington, Wayne Pearson, Sacramento; cousins, Bill Ward, Cerritos, Mary Adams and Judy Wallace, Muskogee, OK; fifteen nieces and nephews and eight grand nieces and nephews. Dave was preceded in death by his son, Ronald in 1976 and brother, "Bud" in 1980.


Doris (Wilson) Murphy/Graves, born December, 1939, passed away January 22, 2007 in Minden, Nevada. She is survived by her husband of two years, Tom Graves, three children, several grandchildren including triplets born in 2004. Doris was a very special person, a wonderful and loyal friend to all who knew her. Her emails were always so cheerful, so optimistic when she discovered she had cancer. Only those closest to her knew just how ill she really was and how little time she had left.
Beverly (Treadwell) Kitto '58

Tony Pallante's passing on April 6, 2018.  He fought a good fight through various bouts of cancer but he finally met one he could not defeat.
As all of you know, he was an outstanding fellow Olympian and was our Student Body President in 1958, as well as a High School All American football player in is senior year.  Deeply involved in student government, he played footbal, basketball, and track during his days as one the most outstanding Olympian's the school has ever produced.

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